Statement for the American Diabetes Association

As a soloist for the New York City Ballet, I feel the immediate effects of my blood sugar levels. The connection dancers feel with their bodies is vital to the success of a performance. If my blood sugar was unbalanced, I would not be completely in tune with my body and would risk the performance.

Even today in my many roles as a diabetes advocate, public speaker, ballet teacher/coach/repetiteur for the George Balanchine Trust and author, I need to have complete focus. My clarity, drive and focus ― which make my work meaningful and successful ― are dependent upon my blood sugar levels being stable.

As hard as I work and as dedicated as I am towards maintaining my blood sugar levels, they still fluctuate. Although I have managed to get my blood sugar under control for the most part, I still fear the long term repercussions of diabetes.

I want to stop diabetes because I want to lead a full and passionate life without the constant fear and concerns that this disease presents every day.

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